WB112 - Crochet Wayuu Bucket Bag – One-of-a-kind Design

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WB112 - Crochet Wayuu Bucket Bag – One-of-a-kind Design


100% Handmade Wayuu bags from Colombia. One-Of-A-Kind. Fair Trade & Certified Authentic Wayuu Crochet Art.

As a designer of crochet patterns, Cony Larsen, one of our founders, gives us an insight on these bags, "As an expert crocheter, I admire their amazing skill in this technique (speaking of the Wayuu artist and the technique called Intarsia), where you crochet with several strands of thread or yarn at the same time. You work with one color strand while carrying the rest of the strands inside each stitch! Yeah, is that hard, this crochet art form is not for the faint at heart and is not your regular DIY project I'm afraid".

Each bag takes up to 20-30 days or more to complete using the Intarsia Crochet Technique.

Made of Cotton thread with hand-weaved shoulder strap. Draw String Tassels.

14" L x 8" W x 14" H; 20" strap drop.  Please note: Measurements are approximately.


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The Wayuu indigenous people are a tribe that keeps its cultural traditions jealously; among them, the art of crocheting, taught to the Wayuu, according to the myth, by the spider Wale’ Keru.

The Wayuu’s habitat is in the Guajira Peninsula, the most northwest point of Colombia, bordering Venezuela. Their matriarchal society has adapted to the inclement climate of a desert land in front of the Caribbean Sea.

Within their communities, the men watch over the sheep, grow corn, and make musical instruments. The women in the community work crocheting making hammocks, mochilas (bucket bags) and women purses with an array of rainbow colors that emphasize the beauty of the Wayuu.

The bucket bags (mochilas) are the highest expression of their art. They are easy to recognize any where because of their designs and colors. They are made in crochet with a technique introduced by catholic missionaries at the beginning of the XX century; each piece is a work of art and it can take 20 days or more to complete one.

The Wayuu bag has become the staple artisanal product from Colombia to the world. Use your Wayuu bag as an accessory or simply use it to carry your working knit or crochet project!


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Learn more at http://www.artesaniasdecolombia.com.co/PortalAC/C_noticias/la-mochila-wayu-parte-de-la-tradicion-de-colombia_5070