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Edgings for kids

Crochet Edgings for Kids
Crochet Edgins can transform plain and simple blankets, bibs, and clothing into colorful gifts that will delight children and parents alike. The Edgit Piercing & Crochet Hooks included in this book allow you to crochet on the edge in one step, without having to pre-punch holes in the fabric. Then the standard hook that is included can be used to finish the work.

Even if you've never crocheted before, you can learn with our easy "Don't me me think!" illustrated step-by-step instructions. A wide variety of projects are shown to inspire you in making gifts of love for the little ones in your life.

Crochet Undercover for your Little Superheroes

Crochet Undercover for Your Little Superheroes!
I had so much fun creating the designs for Crochet Undercover. From the time the concept began to dance around my attaching the final touches to each hat...the only thing I could think about was how much fun each of my tiny heroes was going to have hiding their true identity under each hat.

The patterns in Crochet Undercover will complete whatever super-secret character your child wants to be for the day; whether they are ready to be the Superstar hero who saves the world from an evil nemesis, or the Mutant X ninja with super-cool karate moves, or the huge Dinomite that eats and destroys everything in its path-our hats are sure to please your pickiest heroes.

Inside you will find a fabulous selection of children's one-of-a-kind hats, handcrafted with quality yarns in delicious designer colors. I'm sure you will enjoy making these as much as your superheroes will enjoy wearing them!

Just Lime Me for American Girls and Their 18" Dolls

Just Like Me
Every girl can remember her favorite doll and the time spent grooming and dressing her while talking about secret plans, fairy tales, and make-believe.

I remember my doll. I loved making outfits for her. They were not perfect-in fact, they were rather awful-but my doll looked great...or so I thought.

As a young mother to three little girls, I crocheted outfits for their dolls; some of which have endured the tests of child play and time. When my granddaughter developed a love for collecting dolls, it was just natural that I decided to design and crochet for her too.

I know you will love making our designs. It's my hope that the little girls in your life will travel with them for a long, long time; that they will attend many tea parties, fashion shows, birthdays, and school classes; that they will endure hundreds of cuddles and hugs; and if you're lucky, someday, although ragged and worn, they might even make it to a whole new generation of girls and dolls. Enjoy!

Learn to Crochet by Cony Larsen

Learn to Crochet
Let's get hooked on crochet! Learning is simple with our step-by-step instructions and pictures. The special beginner's crochet hook that came with this book gives you an extra advantage; its angled tip is easier to insert into stitches. This is important because many beginners tend to make tight stitches and get frustrated with this step. your special hook will let you breeze through the learning process and start making the fun designs we've included, from bows and flowers to a phone sleeve and cute bag. You'll love the creative world of crochet!

Simply Sweet Crochet - Boutique Designs for Little Girls

Simply Sweet Crochet
"I want to feel proud to be a crocheter," one of my students said; she also expressed her concerns about the absence of new and updated crochet patterns on the market today. Simply Sweet Crochet is my response to these concerns!

Simply Sweet Crochet starts with basic designs for novices. Then, you can move on to mastering techniques such as those used for the REversible Vintage Headband on page 20, and the layering technique used for the Double Delight Hat on page 34.

Don't be intimidated! All of these projects and techniques are great for beginners and will allow you to build your skills. Discover creative and fun designs with projects like the Ponytail Hat on page 42, and the just dreamy Big Cozy Cowl Hat on page 30.

I hope my collection of one-of-a-kind designs will not only inspire you to pick up your hooks and crochet, but that they will also help create a new generation of crocheters! Go ahead, be proud to be a crocheter!

Crochet Collars for Kids

Collars for Kids
The beauty of a handmade gift is unparalleled. From the time you visit your local yarn shop to pick the fibers, deciding on colors, and choosing a pattern, to the time you take to weave each and every single stitch, you must conclude that making a gift is a labor of love.

Collars for Kids is bursting with new patterns to help you embellish a wide range of outfits for little girls. Every stitch is designed to express love for each child that receives them as gifts.

All the patterns are original one-of-a-kind designs. The patterns are quick-and-easy to crochet; handcrafted with quality yarns in delicious candy colors.

Collars for Kids includes twelve patterns, make one for every season and for every little girl in your life.

Crochet Bouquet for Baby

Crochet Bouquet for Baby
I once read a fortune cookie's wise words, "When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your life." I believe this. Flowers can cheer us up with their fragrance and perfect colors. They say "I love you" when you lack the words to express it, they comfort us in times of need, and for us, they have been a source of inspiration.

It was my desire to capture these deep emotions, these life moments, with our latest creation; Crochet Bouquet.

Crochet flowers are an art form for me--created to inspire, to embellish, and to delight. The colors and textures have been carefully picked. Each unique blossom reminds me of the simple and yet beautiful things in life.

My flowers are purely homegrown, and the designs are completely original, handcrafted with quality yarns and festive colors. Whether you are planning to use a crochet flower for a broach for yourself or for a baby's hat, I have created a beautiful selection of blossoms for your delight.

I hope my book will inspire you to make and gift crochet flowers, to cheer up, inspire, and express your love for those around you.

Product update:
This is the number one selling crochet book at A.C. Moore, we are happy to received that report form their book buyer.


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