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Love 1, Give 1

Ammee & Co. has been donating blankets for babies since it was founded in 2008. Cony Larsen, Founder of Ammee & Co., began her Love 1, Give 1 project after viewing a documentary about Honduran newborns being sent home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper because they had no blankets after severe flooding had devastated the country. 

She also learned that similar conditions existed in Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and other countries.  She decided that Ammee & Co. would be committed to making the world a better and softer place for under-privileged children.

How can you help?

You can donate to our Ammee's Love 1, Give 1 fund by purchasing a"Donate a Blanket" item for $15. Your donation will pay only for the cost of materials to make your blanket. Ammee's local volunteers will then cut, sew, fold your blanket, and tie it with a ribbon; a card will be included with each blanket you donate with your name or the name of the child donating the blanket.

For transparency, please note that your donation is not tax deductible because we are not registered as a non-profit organization, however, your donation does not pay for administrative or shipping fees because the blankets are sewn by volunteers.

Ammee will donate your blanket to either our local Primary Children's Hospital NICU in Salt Lake City, UT, local fire/police departments, or to an under-privileged child at the Hermano Pedro Orphanage in Antigua, Guatemala. 

Every Transaction makes a Difference

Our commitment goes beyond providing our customers with the best in Hemstitched baby products and customer service.  We are committed to making a difference in the way a newborn begins lifein our world and in the communities we serve.  Our wish is for every newborn to have a soft, warm and cuddly blanket they can be bundled in when they arrive to this world.

Thank you for helping us make this world a little softer and warmer for newborn babies.


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