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Meet Nena & Co.

Posted on March 13 2017

Ali Hynek is the founder of this wonderful company and she's also my youngest daughter! Nena & Co. is a textile company based in Utah and Guatemala. Ali works with Guatemalan artisans to create hand-woven textiles that are used to make all of the Nena products. This method provides Guatemalan mothers with honorable incomes and time to care for their children as they work from home. All of their products are designed with functionality and style in mind, embodying the free spirited, everyday woman. Basically, Ali believes in being unique, and that's why she's determined to create one-of-a-kind Nena products for everyone! 

Go on over to her site and check out her new children's line, and you will surely fall in love with her bags, accessories, and her mission! Visit her at


Brands we love...

We wanted to share with you some of the beautiful brands we love. We love them for many reasons, their quality, design, innovation, but most of all, we love what they stand for. We are huge believers of shopping with a purpose and doing good. We also believe that manufacturing great products that can be handed-down to other generations is one of the best ways of recycling and up-cycling!

Each brand is unique. Each offers the best in their category, and we're in love. If you have a brand you would love to support and help spread the word, send us an email with their brand information. We'd love to add them to our list.

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