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Hemstitching dates back to the 1900s. A machine is used for perforating holes along the edge of the fabric allowing a crochet hook to go through the hole easily.  

Hemstitching machines are very rare and hard to find.  Singer, the maker of these wonderful machines, stopped making them in the 50s; hence, most machines on the market are old Singer machines that have been refurbished by skilled mechanics. 

You might wonder if you can do the hemstitching yourself on your home machine, this is not possible; there are no special attachments to home machines that can do the hemstitching process. 

Hemstitching machines are very volatile, ours is "moody" too, we treat it well, oiling and cleaning lint off constantly to avoid sending it into a fit!  Only a patient and skilled seamstress can maintain a good rhythm to avoid threads from breaking constantly and have a good production day. 

Hemstitching machines are very slow, at only 800 stiches per minute, compared to 3000 to 4000 stitches per minute on other industrial machines; it makes for a very slow production!  Hence, a large percentage of the cost of a hemstitched blanket comes from the fact that we can't rush the hemstitching process.   

Our baby products are hemstitched slowly to ensure good quality.  Crochet along the edges using our basic easy to follow--don't make me think--instructions.  Our pattern books are great for beginners.  Hemstitching is the perfect creative outlet for busy mothers and grandmothers! Go ahead, finish one today!


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