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Take a minute to browse the questions and answers below; you will find useful information about our products, techniques, etc. If you have a question and don't see an answer here, please go to our Contact US page and ask us. We love to help our customers!

Do you have a catalog?

A. The short answer is no. Our inventory changes so quickly, fabric patterns change with every season, so it would be difficult for a small company like Ammee's to print a catalog every season. What you see on our site is our "live" inventory, if an item is sold out and we are planning on restocking it, the item will stay on our site, if not, it will be noted or it will be deleted.

What is the edgit?

A. The Edgit! is a piercing crochet hook that has a "needle like" tip, this feature allows you to pierce through fabric without having to make holes first.

Do I have to punch holes on the fabric before I use the Edgit? 

A. No. The Edgit! will pierce through up to two layers of cotton fabric very easy.

How do you prepare the double layer of flannel?

A. We place two pieces of flannel wrong sides together, smooth out any wrinkles softly as to not stretch the fabric out of shape, place your pattern on top and pin it to the flannel, being careful not to shift the two layers, then cut. Both layers are exactly the same size. If you don't own a serger, a zigzag stitch will help to stop fabric from fraying.

What sizes are the edgit hooks?

A. You will find two hooks in the pouch, the Edgit! Piercing hook and the regular crochet hook. The Edgit! Piercing hook does not have an industry standard size because it was designed specifically to have a needle-like point. The regular crochet hook is a steel hook #4/1.75mm hook. Once you are done with the first round using the Edgit! you should switched to use the regular crochet hook for the rounds that follow.

Will the edgit snagg on the fabric as I bring the yarn back through?

A. Remember that the Edgit! is piercing through to separate the fibers it's not cutting or making a big hole. To avoid threads from snagging on the Edgit! do the following, once you have inserted the Edgit! in the fabric, push it all the way in to where the flat handle of the hook starts, this will help to make the hole bigger and it will be easier to pull your thread or yarn out without snagging.

What is hemstitching?

A. Hemstitching dates back to the 1900s. A machine is used for perforating holes along the edge of the fabric allowing a crochet hook to go through the hole easily. Hemstitching machines are very rare and hard to find. Singer, the Maker of these wonderful machines, stopped making them in the 50s. Hence, the Edgit!

How many balls of crochet cotton do I need to go around my blanket?

A. One ball is enough to go around a blanket at least four times, most of Cony's patterns are three to four rounds, so only one ball. you might need two if you are planning on crocheting more than 4 rounds and additional burps or bibs.

Why do I have to prep my fabric before I used the edgit? Can I use it without having to do a zigzag around it?

A. You don't have to prep your fabric with zigzag, however, the zigzag will help prevent your fabric from fraying while you crochet, it will also help you determine where the next stitch should be worked, otherwise, you end up with shorter and taller stitches that are not evenly spaced. Remember, your project needs to look handcrafted not homemade.

Why is your shipping rate so high for small items?

A. We use USPS Priority Mail for all shipments, the rates are set by the US Mail and are based on a one pound package with insurance up to $100. Some packages do not weight one pound, however, USPS requires that we round up to the nearest pound, so even a small package of the Edgit would still be considered a one pound package. Keep in mind that we offer our faithful customers a weekly 20% discount to help you offset the cost of shipping, in addition, if you are outside of Utah, you save the sales tax, these combined will pretty much take care of the shipping.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

A. No, unless you live in Utah. 

What is your return policy?

A. Our name is on the package, we stand behind it 100%. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return items no questions asked. Please note that you need to report your return within 10 days of receipt of your shipment, call us first to have your return approved. Product must be in original package, unused and in salable condition. A 25% re-stocking fee will be charged back to returned orders. We will refund your credit card for the amount you paid for the item minus the shipping and re-stocking fee, sorry, we cannot refund shipping charges or postage. Special orders are non-refundable.

Is your flannel safe for children?

A. Ammee & Co. LLC does not manufacture the flannel that is used to make the product line that is offered on this website.  We have requested our flannel vendors to provide us with the safety information of their flannel, please read the following statement carefully. "Our mills have continuing guarantees under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act filed with the FTC.  These fabrics do not conform to the standard for the flammability of children's sleepwear.  These fabrics are therefore not intended or promoted in any manner for use in children's sleepwear."  

What are the washing instructions for the blankets and burp cloths?

A. Machine wash cold; gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if desired.


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